Soulful Beginnings | Training
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Building an Engaging After School or Summer Camp Program

Soulful Beginnings provides staff training for After School programs and Summer Camp programs to help the staff understand the demands of education in the state of South Carolina and beyond. We provide explicit information that details the skills that should be reinforced and taught in a child’s out-of-school time. Invite us to help enhance your enrichment program for school-aged children.

Move to the Fluency Beat!

Being a fluent reader is important because there is a special connection between fluency and comprehension. The ability to read fluently helps any student be able to make meaning of a text. How can teachers influence the reading fluency of their students? With music of course!

Invite Soulful Beginnings to help train your teachers to bring words to life by adding simple rhythms and beats to familiar stories, rhymes, and poems.

Audience: Elementary Teachers

The Soulful Alphabet Experience

The Soulful Alphabet provides an engaging educational experience for any young learner. Connecting to the African American culture, this set of alphabet presents an opportunity to practice oral language and engage students in conversation about the words on the cards. The vocabulary words includes black hair styles, dances, and important figures.

  • Introduce the letters.
  • Introduce the sounds.
  • Introduce the vocabulary word and discuss the meaning.
  • Oral Language Skills
  • Grammar Skills
  • Introduction to Writing

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