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Soulful Math Parent Workshop

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Are you READY to make this year the most successful year in math for your scholar?

Soul B Academy is prepared to offer a winter math course to provide families with specific strategies to help teach some basic reading skills. We strongly believe that every child has the ability to grasp math concepts in a way that will enhance their future. This parent workshop will be the solution you need to help your child improve their math skills.

The course will offer different sessions (2 hrs each) that provide a myriad of activities and skills to enhance these math skills. You can choose up to 4 content skills 

Addition and Subtraction session

Multiplication and Division session

Fractions session

Telling Time (mainly time to the minute and elapsed time)

IN-PERSON DATE FOR SESSION 1 : December 16th 2023 [Telling Time]

VIRTUAL DATE FOR SESSION 1: December 29th or 30th [Telling Time}]

IN-PERSON DATE FOR SESSION 2: March 2nd 2024 [Addition and Subtraction Strategies]

IN-PERSON DATE FOR SESSION 3: April 27th 2024 [Understanding Fractions]

Selection of classes:

You have the option to choose between 1 session or 4 sessions. Each class is scheduled to last 2 hrs long and will be face to face. 

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1 session, 2 sessions, 3 sessions, 4 sessions, Virtual 1, Virtual 2, Virtual 3, Virtual 4

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1 review for Soulful Math Parent Workshop

  1. Cherie Lewis (verified owner)

    As a person who truly enjoyed math throughout school I felt elementary math would not be a challenge. However, as a parent I quickly realized that was not the case. With these “new math” concepts I found myself struggling to help with homework. These new strategies were so foreign to me. Homework took double the time as I’m trying to explain a method I fully didn’t understand myself. Trying to teach the “old school” way only added to the confusion and frustration. Thank goodness for Mrs Posey. She helped our then 3rd grader transition to the more complex math this grade level brought.There was still one problem, I still did not understand the “new math” concepts. As long as the answer was correct I assumed she worked it out correctly. When I saw she was offering a parent class I had to jump on this opportunity. Who would have thought after all these years I would have to relearn elementary math!? This class was great. I never felt rushed. She broke down everything in ways I could go back and teach myself. With her being an educator you get direct feedback on what is expected on the standardized tests. She gave sooo much material to work with at home during our winter break. We really enjoyed playing the different games making learning fun. Thank you for all you do. Can’t wait for the next lesson.

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