Soulful Beginnings | 5th Grade Summer Camp
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5th Grade Summer Camp


Soul B Academy is prepared to offer a summer transition course to provide students 5th and 6th grade math enrichment. The purpose of this course is to show students what they will experience next year in math. Whether your child is going to 5th grade or 6th grade, it is extremely important that their foundational math skills be solidified because students will depend on this skill set for the complex problems they will encounter in math instruction. Is your child able to multiply and divide numbers in their head mentally? If not, our soulful sessions will provide review strategies to help students nail down these processes. It sincerely holds the glue to your child being able to work through ratios, percentages, unit rates, data sets, and expressions. Additionally, students will be required to provide explanations and rationales for the solutions that they calculate.

Who is this summer camp for?

  • Any parent who wants to present a challenge to a student who just completed 4th grade
  • Any parent who has a child that is a rising 5th grader
  • Any parent who has a child that is a rising 6th grade

The course will offer 5 sessions (2 hours each) that provide a myriad of activities and skills to enhance math and problem-solving skills.

Day 1: Numerical Expressions + Data Analysis & Statistics

Day 2: Converting Measurements

Day 3: Calculating Volume/Area/Perimeter

Day 4: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Day 5: Operations with Decimals



Selection of classes:

You have the option to choose between 1 class, 3 classes, or 5 classes. Each class is scheduled to last 2 hours long. If you select all 5 classes, then your child will receive all of the additional materials that comes with this course. You also are able to choose which days you want your child to attend if all of the topics are not needed.

Bonus #1: Multi-Step Strategy Posters

Bonus #2: Multiplication and Division Flashcards



These sessions will be held in Greenville, SC. 

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1 class, (3 classes), Full Camp (5 classes), Virtual (3 classes), Virtual (5 classes)

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