Soulful Beginnings | About Us
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About Us

Soulful Beginnings is an academic services company based in Greenville, South Carolina that provides tutoring services, intervention, enrichment and teacher trainings in the form of professional development for any subject area specializing in improving literacy skills for elementary students in grades K-4 (Pre-Kindergarten) to 5th grade. The company was founded in 2010 and is a home-based business with the ability to be a mobile site depending up on the need of the child.

Soulful Beginnings has the ability to meet your family’s needs in various ways. We give you the option to create a schedule that works within your day to day activities.

The Mission

The mission of Soulful Beginnings is to empower and engage children to have the will to believe in themselves enough so that they have the confidence to do ANYTHING. Our goal is to promote literacy and increase the reading abilities of children in every area. The children will be able to read across the curriculum and respond as a mathematician, historian, and a scientist. The focus is to develop citizens for the 21st century so that children will be articulate and be able to make informed decisions.

How it Works

  • A preliminary phone call is made to Alanda Posey to answer questions and provide information about the needs of the child.
  • The parent or guardian should be prepared to discuss the learning goals of the student and any other academic concerns. This will lead to setting the goals for each session with Soulful Beginnings.
  • The parent will also decide and recommend the tutoring schedule for the student and the meeting place for each session.
  • At the first tutoring session, the student will take a diagnostic test in each subject area of need.
  • If sessions begin in the summer months, the students will receive enrichment to enhance their skill set from the previous grade and then begin to work on the next grade level as a preview of each skill.
  • If sessions begin in the fall, winter, or spring months, the students will complete sessions using skills from their current grade level with enrichment and/or remediation.
  • Sessions will also be offered to prepare students for state testing, gifted and talented testing, and MAP testing that is required by Greenville County Schools.


About Us