Soulful Beginnings | Summer 2021 at Soul B
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Summer 2021 at Soul B

Summer 2021 at Soul B

Soulful Beginnings Summer Enrichment

What do we offer?

Soulful Beginnings is offering tutoring sessions for students in the summer of 2021. Our sessions will provide enrichment as a bridge for the next grade. We will include basic skills review for reading and math, a writing experience, and technology integration with apps and websites.

Who is available to receive our services?

Currently, only elementary students (4K-5th grade) and middle school students in grades 6th & 7th are eligible to attend our enrichment program.

Where are we located?

We will provide mobile services this year for students in the Upstate. This means that the tutor will conduct sessions at the residence of the student. We will also offer virtual sessions through Zoom.

How much does it cost?

There are a few possible options for payment of the Soulful Beginnings Summer Enrichment.

Grade 6 & up:                $75 (per session)

Grade 5:                $60 (per session)

Grades 2, 3, & 4:                $55 (per session)

Grades K5 & 1:                   $45 (per session)

4 year-olds:                         $45 (per session)

Methods of payment: PayPal, Square, or CashApp. You may pay using cash as well.

*The length of each session is 45-60 minutes.

*If this is your first time coming to Soulful Beginnings, then there is a $20 registration fee which covers application, wristband, & car magnet.

*If you are registering a student in K5 or first grade, then we ask that you purchase the Soulful Alphabet book bundle.

How do I register my child?

  • Contact Alanda Posey by email ( or phone (864-238-5679)
  • Indicate what type of enrichment you would like to register for your child. (Reading or Math)
  • Choose the length of time your child needs.
  • Complete Soulful Beginnings application.
  • Pay registration fees if applicable.

*We will be offering sibling/family discounts for multiple children attending our enrichment sessions. The discount depends on the number of children and their age/grade level.


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