Soulful Beginnings | Quest Leadership Academy Meets Naomi
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Quest Leadership Academy Meets Naomi

Quest Leadership Academy Meets Naomi

Soulful Beginnings LLC published its first book and Alanda Posey was able to present “Naomi Visits Letter City” to students, parents, and teachers.

On January 31st, Quest Leadership Academy hosted parents for a Literacy Night. The school designed a path of rotations for parents and the children that involved a Reader’s Cafe, a Night with an Author, and Comprehension Conversations. The students were given books to take home and other information about being a better reader.

Our new book is based on our youngest daughter, Naomi, who loves to be curious and adventurous.

For the FIRST TIME ever, Alanda Posey was able to bring “Naomi Visits Letter City” to a school setting and share the book with children and parents. A Night with an Author included me reading the book aloud to children and asking questions during the reading. I really wanted to see the ways in which the children would be able to interact with the story. As you know, Naomi takes a trip through the city, and I was curious to know if any of the children had visited any of the places that they saw in the book.T

Parents and students were able to shop with us during the Literacy Night. Several children wanted to get our new book to add to their collection!

The students were able to join in the story time on the carpet with their parents present. Teachers from Quest Leadership Academy were also present to hear the story being read aloud and facilitate conversation with parents about developing readers.

The teachers of Quest Leadership Academy were excited to see some of the products that Soulful Beginnings had to offer. We are enthusiastic about educators and student readers having the opportunity to experience Naomi and take a trip through the city.

We are looking to connect with schools across the nation, local churches, daycare centers, summer camps, and other youth programs so that children can experience this AMAZING text.

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