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Soulful Beginnings Publishes First Children’s Book

Soulful Beginnings Publishes First Children’s Book


In our 8th year of operation, Soulful Beginnings made a powerful decision to expand as a publishing company and we released our first children’s book titled, “Naomi Visits Letter City.” This book is perfect for readers in elementary school, especially in classrooms of Pre-Kindergarten to second grade. The main character is Naomi and she takes a trip through an urban community. The character represents our youngest daughter, Naomi, who is an adventurous and very curious little girl. The purpose of writing the book was to expose young children to the attributes of an urban community and build their vocabulary. Ultimately, the goal is to provide accessibility to a diverse text where children of color can see themselves as a main character of a story. A new beginning was birthed through this process and we have plans to expand the knowledge of children across the globe.

A trip through Letter City provides a learning experience for any young reader and I wanted to share this opportunity with the world. Each page presents the reader with a new vocabulary word that introduces places, jobs, and people in the community. There’s definitely an open door for the reader to start a conversation about the character of Naomi and how she was able to travel through the city. Teachers and parents can develop various talking points with the young reader with regard to living in, traveling, and exploring the city.

The best outcome of writing this book is to see the look of joy and expectation of young girls because they have found a story that they can relate to and a character who may look like them. An imaginative setting that intertwines factual information about the city, allows the reader to create their own themes about the story based on how it resonates with their experiences. A chance to counteract the negative images of black children is the ultimate goal of publishing and distributing this piece of literature for interested parties. Overall, I have chosen this first book as a stepping stone to empower young readers and challenge them to look outside of their comfort zone, explore multiple options, and face adversity with courage.


“Everything that you imagine, you can do; and whatever you dream will come true!”



Highlights of the book include:

*Female Protagonist

*Builds Vocabulary


*Thrilling story

Are you ready to purchase our new children’s book published by Soulful Beginnings? Naomi Visits Letter City starts the conversation about first hand experiences and builds vocabulary. It is a great informational story to share with your little ones!!


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