Soulful Beginnings | Soulful Beginnings is Featured in Huami Magazine!
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Soulful Beginnings is Featured in Huami Magazine!

Soulful Beginnings is Featured in Huami Magazine!

       First page of the article written in Huami magazine November 2017!


The Huami Magazine featured Soulful Beginnings in their November 2017 publication. This magazine is produced by Mykel Media under the leadership of Terry Watson and it has issues published in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The focus of the magazine is to connect African American businesses and consumers.

We are most honored to be recognized in the first edition of the Greenville, SC issue of the magazine!

“Not only is Posey an awesome educator, she is a researcher at heart and has become a local presenter in South Carolina and North Carolina.”

The article written is featuring Alanda Posey and Soulful Beginnings providing a narrative about her journey in education and the creation of a company that is set to change the world! It sheds light on the fact that Soulful Beginnings is an academic services company that provides tutoring services, intervention, enrichment, instructional camps, and teacher trainings in the form of professional development for any subject area.

Our tutoring services have evolved into a mobile setting where we are traveling to the students to teach them in their natural environment. This has become an asset for parents who can also learn in the process with their child during the session.

“Soulful Beginnings has the ability to meet your family’s needs in various ways,” Posey says.

These two words embody what we represent at Soulful Beginnings and we use this technique to help our students be successful in their learning!

“I teach students that effort is necessary for success and it doesn’t matter how you start, just as long as you’re willing to finish strong.”

Teaching students about the necessity of effort, grit, and perseverance is a direct reflection of how we are able to get the students of Soulful Beginnings to be successful. Helping the child believe that they can be successful pushes them over what is considered to be the obstacle when it is simply a mounting place to reach their goals.

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