Soulful Beginnings | The Soulful Alphabet Scope and Sequence
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The Soulful Alphabet Scope and Sequence

The Soulful Alphabet Scope and Sequence

You’ve bought our alphabet cards…now WHAT?

At the beginning of the year, we did a LIVE workshop on Facebook to share with you some basic tidbits about teaching phonics in the classroom and working with your child at home.

Learning phonics involves acquiring the knowledge of the relationship between the letters and sounds. I believe the LeapFrog said it best in their Letter Factory video that “every letter makes a sound.” This is the message that we need every child to understand. Each letter makes a sound and it depends on the letters in front of it or behind it that determine how that letter will sound in a word.

If your child is learning letters for the first time, then you have the opportunity to choose how they will learn them

  • Teaching letter names first, and then teach letter sounds.
  • Teaching letter sounds first, and then teach letter names.

*There is research to support either method, so you can make that determination based on your child.

You may be asking, how should I begin? Well, we would like to provide a sequence for the teaching of each letter of the alphabet.

M-moon walk   

A- afro   

T- tap dance  

S- sneakers  

F- fade   

P- poetry

I- intelligence

N- natural hair

D- dashiki

O- opportunity

L- lyrics

R- robot dance

H- hip hop

E- excellence

B- braids

U- urban

C- comedian

G- gospel

V- victory

J- jewelry

K- kinship

W- worship

Y- yacht

Q- queen

X- x-factor

Z- zumba


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